Release Liners

We offer a full range of release liners for the OKI, Ricoh, Xeikon and HP Indigo presses. The choice between paper or polyester depends on you, and your customers’ requirements.

Besides the release liners for the digital presses, we also offer a range of release liners for traditional transfer production. The product range includes paper and polyester release liners for water based, plastisol based or solvent based inks.

Contact us for information about the release liners we offer.

Inks & Adhesives

We offer an extended range of backing inks for the hybrid transfers, no matter if you if you work with toner-based devices such as the OKI, Ricoh and Xeikon presses, or if you work with HP Latex or HP Indigo presses.

Besides the white and clear ink, with the required additives, we also offer anti-migration ink, silver for producing metallic effects with digital printing and the full range of adhesives for your requirements.

The adhesives include both powder and printable adhesives for low temperature application to go onto non-woven materials, leather and other heat sensitive materials, and high stretch adhesives for sportswear, 60 degrees wash or industrial washing.