Why hybrid?

Utilizing the hybrid transfer solution is not only about printing images or transfers with numerous colors. It is all about improving your profit margin, not having to say no to a customer and to reduce your delivery time.

Indeed, it is a great solution for images and multicolored transfers. But at the end of the day, it is all about responding to your customers’ requirements, while at the same time being able to benefit from the fact that you do not have to talk about separations or other limitations in their design.

The fact that you can combine any jobs you want on one sheet, or simply produce the customers traditional 5 color job with 1 screen, is your benefit and where you can increase your profit margin.

You can offer your customers to incorporate variable data in their design, this can be anything from a simple sequential numbering to advanced security or marketing solutions that combines unique QR codes with unique codes and/or numbers for verification.

Combining digital printing with screen printing makes it possible to produce new applications for your customers, without having to compromise on quality, durability, wash resistance or even the hand of the applied transfer when compared to a traditional screen printed transfer.